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Are your leaves starting to turn YELLOW? 

It's time to get them on a tree fertilization program. Don't wait, feed them now they are hungry!! More money and time will be invested if you have to have them removed.

Why Get you Tree Removed?

How To Fertilize My Queen Palms?

We Remove Stumps

How Can I Save My Tree from Dying

In addition to our tree removal services, stump grinding could also be preformed once the tree is cut down. Trees are usually cut down a couple feet above the base, or at the base per your request, leaving an unsightly stump in your yard that could get a disease or termites. Tree Removal Phoenix has special equipment to grind down the stump into multch which can be mixed in with the dirt to fill in the hole when finished. Follow up with some gravel or plant grass over top and you will never remember that ugly stump was ever there.

Tree removal and stump grinding can be very dangerous if not handled by qualified professionals. Call Tree Removal Phoenix to schedule your free estimate.