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Are your leaves starting to turn YELLOW? 

It's time to get them on a tree fertilization program. Don't wait, feed them now they are hungry!! More money and time will be invested if you have to have them removed.

Why Get you Tree Removed?

How To Fertilize My Queen Palms?

We Remove Stumps

How Can I Save My Tree from Dying

Queen Palms come from South America and are considered a tropical palm rather than a desert palm. They have been used for many years in Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding cities to add that tropical accent to our bland desert landscape. The desert soils are high in pH levels leaving queen palms with a deficiency in manganese, magnesium or iron, making them susceptible to what they call "frizzle top" or blackened/weakened leaves. If left untreated in our scalding summers they will weaken and die. Queen Palm Care Phoenix's solution to your weakened queen palms is our organic deep root queen palm formula that we inject directly into the root system. This fertilizer will help with chlorophyll production and replenish crucial minerals.

Call us today to schedule your free queen palm assessment by our certified arborist to decide the best plan of action.