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Are your leaves starting to turn YELLOW? 

It's time to get them on a tree fertilization program. Don't wait, feed them now they are hungry!! More money and time will be invested if you have to have them removed.

Why Get you Tree Removed?

How To Fertilize My Queen Palms?

We Remove Stumps

How Can I Save My Tree from Dying

Professional Tree Removal Phoenix 

Tree Removal Phoenix is the leader in tree removal. Our certified Phoenix Arborist and skilled Arizona experts are trained in any size tree removal and all aspects of tree care. We serve commercial and residential clients in the Phoenix area.

We offer free estimates for your tree care needs. We provide professonal services that include tree removal, cactus removal, tree trimming and pruning, queen palm care, stump grinding, organic deep root feeding, and hedging. Our staff is committed to being your professional local tree care service provider in Arizona. We service customers throughout the maricopa valley area including the all other local cities in Maricopa County.

Obvious reasons to remove a tree:

  • The tree is dead, bark is falling off, and no leaves 
  • Declining health - the branches or top of the tree is dying, there are large dead branches, or you notice there is decay on the main trunk 
  • Major storm damage. Tree Was blown over of hit by lighting 
  • Tree is too close to the house or other buildings, utility lines, pool, etc.. 
  • The tree is leaning directly towards an obvious target 
  • It’s a nuisance - dropping seeds, sap, branches, and blocking views and light 
  • Roots pose a serious threat to foundations, driveways, sidewalks, pool walls and underground utility lines
  • Major landscape renovations

We removal different types of tree in Arizona.  Pine Trees, Eucalyptus Trees, Palm Trees  Ash Trees, Citrus Trees, Mesquite Trees, Palo Verde Trees, Mulberry Trees, Sumac Trees, Oleanders, Palm Trees are just a sample of the tree we remove.

Why do tree's die in Phoenix Arizona. 

  1. The most important thing a tree needs to survive in the Phoenix desert is water. With out the right water schedule the tree will die.  Need help look at our water guilde to for the right amount of water.
  2. Tree Fertilization is the 2nd most important thing for a tree to survive in the desert.  A tree that is feritlize on a regular basis retain more water, fights our disease and will live a longer life.
  3. Disease, insects, fungus, bacteria, and lighting. 

Tree removal how do we determine the price?

  1.  Will come out the your Phoenix Maricopa property and provide a free assessment of the tree that needs to be removed.
  2. Smaller tree's that don't require a bucket truck or cane can be done via email. 
  3. Our price's are hard to beat! We have the equipment to get the job done fast.
  4. We offer 10% discount of first tree removal service in Phoenix.
  5. Size of the tree, hours, back yard, how many hours it will take and dump fees.
    Tree removal equipment we use to remove trees.
  1. bucket truck, crane, dump trucks
  2. stump grinding, wood chippers, chain saws
  3. we are fully equipt to handle and tree removal.